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Introduction to the NEWEST Addition

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EPICS 2014

Electron-Photon Interaction

Cross Sections

POINT 2015

ENDF/B-VII.1 temperature

dependent data

ENDF/B-VII.1 vs. VII.0:

What's Different?


General plotting code






Coupled Neutron-Photon

Continuous Energy

3-D Geometry

Monte Cadlo Transport

2017 Update

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TART 2016

Monte Carlo Code

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Locally at LLNL

Nationally through RSICC

Internationally through NEA/DB 


 TART2016 Overview

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at LLNL Library

What's Wrong with ENDF/B?

More important, how can we FIX it?


A NEW Series aimed at IMPROVING

ENDF/B Data.


Do we need a new ENDF/B Format?





This website will direct you to work by Red Cullen

The reports included here are a small selection of the many Red Cullen reports.

For a complete list of my reports see my Resume

Many more reports are available on-line through the

Livermore (LLNL) Library

U.S.D.O.E.'s Office and Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

at either site search for author cullen, to find hundreds of on-line reports.

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Resume (updated July 2017)

Nuclear and Atomic Data and Codes

Tutorials, Papers and Presentations

TART 2016: Description and Documentation

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