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Locally within Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)


contact Dave Heinrichs:


Tele: 925-424-5679

FREE Nationally

for use in Criticality Safety Applications

contact RSICC, Oak Ridge:

FREE Internationally to Member States

Internationally contact NEA/DB, Paris

The TART2022 Code Update Includes Executables for Windows,

and Source Code to Create Executables on any other type of Computer,

particularly MAC and LINUX MakeFiles are provided.


What TART Does and How it Works are extensively documented elsewhere in hundreds

of online reports (for example, see, the below references)

The user's manual remains,

"TART2005: A Coupled Neutron-Photon 3-D, Combinatorial

Geometry, Time Dependent Monte Carlo Transport Code," by

Dermott E. Cullen, University of California, Lawrence

Livermore National Laboratory, P.O. Box 808, L-59,

Livermore, CA 94550, UCRL-SM-218009, November 22, 2005


An Overview of TART2022

Now Available On-line at the LLNL Library

"TART 2022: An Overview of A Coupled Neutron Photon, 3-D,

Combinatorial Geometry, Time Dependent Monte Carlo

Transport Code", LLNL-SM-835527, May 2022


Dermott E. Cullen, LLNL, Retired


The last public release of TART was TART2016. Since that

time there has been no support or development work done on

TART at LLNL. However, outside of LLNL TART users have

been very active in using and improving TART for their own

applications. As a courtesy these users sent me a copy of the

current TART, which I named TART 2022. Through their

kindness I have been able to make TART2022 available to

TART users inside and outside of LLNL, at essentially no cost

to LLNL or any other organization. To me this is an excellent

example of cooperation within the International community.


In this regard I must acknowledge in particular, the major

contributions of Fabrice Pelestor (DGA/Technique Naval,

Toulon, France); he contributed many improvements to

TART, particularly he contributed the 64 bit and multi-

processing version, to greatly modernize the code and allow it

to be efficiently used with today's computers. The code we

have today, TART2022, could not have been produced without

his contributions. 

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