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Coupled Neutron Photon

Combinatorial Geometry

Time Dependent

Monte Carlo Particle Transport

TART is continuously updated and improved. The latest version is TART2016 CD.

TART2016 CD is NOW available at Locally (LLNL) and Nationlly (RSICC) and Internationally (NEA/DB)

see Current Status and Availability

TART2016 Overview

Now Available On-line at the LLNL Library

"TART2016: An Overview of A Coupled Neutron-Photon 3-D,

Combinatorial Geometry, Time Dependent Monte Carlo

Transport Code," by Dermott E. Cullen, Lawrence Livermore

National Laboratory, P.O. Box 808, L-198, Livermore, CA

94550, LLNL-SM-704560, September 2016.

TART is the Fastest Monte Carlo Code on Four Feet

TART runs incredibly fast on ANY Computer

To see HOW FAST, look here

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